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How To Conquer Seattle In An Hour Or So Onboard Seattle Boat Rentals

The traveler can spend a single free hour or so simply by taking in the mesmerizing views of the mountainous scenery or by being part of the adrenaline rushing water sports activities. The water sports activities, fresh seafood, striking views and lush greenery can very easily be enjoyed onboard a private Seattle boat rental.

While on an official trip to the Emerald city, be sure to take some time away to explore the tourist destinations and be part of the activities for which Seattle is popular for. Visit the below-mentioned places and be part of these activities to occupy every second of your limited time.

Seattle Boat Rentals

THE PIKE PLACE MARKET – Deservedly the most famous place in town, the nine acres and hundreds of stalls that make up the market --make a quick trip seem impossible. To get a sense of the market, it is advisable that you explore the east side of Pike Place, where all the shops face the street. You won’t see fish flying, but you’ll see crabs crawling and mozzarella making. You can pick up plenty of fruit, yogurt, and soup samples as well. What’s the coolest way to arrive in a new city? By Seattle boat rentals, obviously. And Seattle, with its ample waterways, offers multiple ways to do that.

FISH CATCHING – If you are fond of angling, then the Elks and Sixes Rivers, which run through Oregon and the Redwood Forest, are known for salmon fishing. The September Equinox to December Solstice is the prime season to catch the biggest fish possible. Not only are the salmon at their absolute biggest at this time of year but also it is at this time when they return to their home streams to spawn. In Oregon, every year in the month of November, Jubilee Annual Salmon Derby is held which challenges all potential fishermen to take home the biggest salmon they can.

MINI BREWERY TOUR – Although craft beer is big in Seattle, the distribution is quite low. Many beers don’t even make it out of their own neighborhood, let alone the city. But you can get the taste of the good stuff by visiting the places where they are made:  the nano- and micro-breweries which are located throughout the city.  During your official trip to Seattle, be sure to take the time to grab an Immersion Amber, a King Street Brown – the local specialty -- showing off the well-balanced, citrusy style of Northwest hops.

RENT KAYAKS & GO CANOEING – If you prefer things more on the quiet side and want to come close to nature, then you can give some consideration to canoeing. Grab some oars and launch into Portage Bay from the dock. Spend the day exploring city views and houseboats on the Lake Union or floating on the lily padded waters of UW’s arboretum. Paddling the shoreline of the Washington Park Arboretum is a convenient adventure into Seattle’s vibrant urban everglade. While canoeing, don’t forget to enjoy the eye-captivating vistas of the natural surroundings.

MINI HIKE IN DISCOVERY PARK – Possibly the best part about visiting Seattle is a trip to the hills to try your hand at world-class skiing, climbing, or hiking. While you can’t get to the real deal in under an hour, there’s plenty of wooded trails that are almost as good right in the city. Trails range from one to three miles and loop about through dense trees, over grassy bluffs, and along rocky beaches.

CHASE SOME WATERFALLS – When in Seattle, do not miss a visit to out Snoqualmie Falls – the tallest waterfall in Washington. Not only it is a fun-filled destination to visit but also Snoqualmie is one of the most visited parts of Washington, just outside of Seattle. In the fall, the trees surrounding the falls turn classic red, orange, and yellow. Besides being able to hike and picnic there, you can also shop for famous waffles and pancakes. You can also visit the Snoqualmie Candy Factory for house-made fudge and caramel corn.

All of these activities or tourist attractions listed can’t be covered in a single day so be sure to budget your activities wisely. On Seattle boat rentals you will be provided with an expert staff and equipment required for canoeing, snorkeling, scuba diving and other activities that you are sure to thoroughly enjoy! And remember, what happens on the water, STAYS on the water.




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