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A Visit to These National Parks Is a Must While on a Staycation in Seattle

Seattle “The Emerald City” is home to five lush and scenic national parks. And while on your staycation if you haven't visited these, you have missed out on some very important reasons to enjoy this beautiful city to its fullest. Making a visit to these parks will bring you closer to nature and also allows you to be a part of some other amazing activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking, clamming, crabbing and more on board your own private Seattle boat rental.

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All this and more surrounds the city of Seattle, once a small settlement in the remote north-western wilderness, now one of America’s fastest-growing cities. It is a great base for further expeditions into the great American wild.

Lewis And Clark National And State Historical ParkExplore the vibrant mesh of nature and history – The Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Park is home to a series of historic sites and museums with a beautiful natural world. Combining stunning vistas, abundant recreational opportunities, the rich cultural heritage of the native coastal people and the dramatic story of America's most famous explorers – this park is worth a visit. You can hike the cape and the sandy beaches of the peninsula or gaze out at the mighty Columbia River. Follow in the footsteps of the explorers and have an adventure in history.

San Juan Island National Historical ParkHop around and learn about the rich golden past – Just off the coast of America and Canada, the San Juan Islands are an archipelago which encompasses over 800 shards of land and 370 miles of tideland. Sail on the deep blue water while taking in the mesmerizing views of the immaculate natural world of oaks, evergreens, lagoons and bluffs. Visitors can also get out onto the ocean and explore by sea via kayak or take a Seattle boat rental trip to view the orca whales. Meanwhile, birdwatchers can spot bald eagles, great blue herons and black oystercatchers circling in the sky above.

Mount Rainier National ParkScale on the rugged slopes – The snow clad high peak and rocky upper slopes of Mount Rainier dominate the skyline of western Washington. It is an active volcano that stands over 14,000 feet tall. On the lower slopes, swaths of ancient forest grow in the fertile volcanic soil, rolling out into a green landscape of grassy valleys, streams, rivers, wildflowers and sprawling meadows. The park area is home to 25 glaciers including the largest in the United States both by area and volume. Mount Rainier National Park offers excellent opportunities for scenic drives, hiking, and mountain climbing.

Cascades National ParkHike among the peaks, slopes and valleys – Drive a couple of hours north of Seattle and you’ll reach a classically magnificent expanse of high-altitude hiking terrain. Continue high enough, and you’ll reach a sublime self-contained world of bare mountain rock, snow-cloaked slopes and glacial sheets, suspended above the world below by billowing banks of cloud. Take in the mesmerizing views of the most spectacular peaks in the North Cascades range. Discover the animals of the park with bird and wildlife viewing. Put your boots on the trail with the various miles of hiking this location has to offer.

Olympic National ParkInspire yourself with the varied terrain – Away from the hustle and bustle of Seattle and Puget Sound is the famous Olympic National Park. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is a great location to see ancient trees, mossy forests, picturesque lakes, expansive beaches, fairy waterfalls, and diverse wildlife. The drive up to Hurricane Ridge via the Heart O' the Hills Road offers eye captivating scenery, including spectacular views of Puget Sound all the way to Mt. Baker. The clean clear waters of Lake Crescent make it a wonderful destination for fishing, sailing, or just sitting by the shore to take in the wonders of nature.

The above mentioned national parks in and around the city of Seattle offer opportunities to explore the outdoors through hiking trails, vistas and camping. Most of the parks are within two to three hours of the city either by road or on board your own private Seattle boat rental. Whether raining, snowing and or sunny, each park offers a unique view of Washington State. The parks are family friendly, and the visitors can take a sneak peek into the golden past of each region or discover the historical events.




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