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This Valentine’s Day Do Enjoy These Activities in the Pacific Northwest

Valentine's Day is approaching soon! Couples should have started planning their romantic outings with each other. However, romantic Pacific Northwest getaways are always the best option. The PNW region of Seattle is so overflowing with natural beauty and incredible local food and drink that the opportunity for romance is around every corner. So what are you waiting for?

Yacht Charter Pacific Northwest

The private yacht charter in the Pacific Northwest can take you to the below-mentioned getaways for an exploration of the natural wonders of this beautiful area while enjoying some of the most spectacular natural vistas, participating in water-based activities and much more.

Spectacular Natural Vistas Activities

Cape Disappointment State Park, Washington – No, no... don't go with the name disappointment! The park is spread over an area of 1800 acres has a patchwork of bluffs, beach, lakes, and old growth forest, complete with two historic lighthouses. Hike through old-growth forest, around freshwater lakes, saltwater marshes and ocean tidelands. Enjoy the breathtaking views. The beaches at Cape Disappointment also lure kite-fliers, sand castle-builders and those who love to walk and explore.

Olympic National Park, Washington – Olympic National Park is famous amongst people for the diversity of its ecosystems. The snow-clad peaks interspersed with extensive alpine meadows surrounded by an extensive old-growth forest provide eye-captivating views of nature to its visitors. Eleven major river systems drain into the Olympic Mountains, offering the best habitat to numerous fish species in the country. The park's 100 km of wilderness coastline is rich in native and endemic animal and plant species.

Silver Falls State Park, Oregon – People call it the “crown jewel” of the Oregon State Parks system and you will know the reason WHY upon visiting. Beauty, boundless recreational opportunities and historic presence, Silver Falls State Park is the kind of standout scenic treasure which is impossible to find anywhere. The spectacular Trail of Ten Falls is a nationally recognized hiking trail that weaves through a densely forested landscape. Enjoy an amazing time here with your significant other.

Adrenaline Rushing Water-Based Activities

Whale Watching – The surrounding areas of the Pacific Northwest offers some of the best opportunities for travelers to enjoy the whale watching escapade in the destinations of the Islands. In the San Juan Islands near the Pacific Northwest, you can spot the mottled grey whales. Also look for humpbacks, minkes and massive finbacks among an array of porpoises, dolphins, seals, and shorebirds. But, one species of whales that call Pacific Northwest their home all throughout the year is the magnificent orca or killer whale.

Scuba Diving – Divers from across the world set out to dive the cool emerald waters of the Pacific Northwest to witness shipwrecks and to photograph the wildlife which is completely unique to this part of the world. Nowhere else can a diver find a Giant Pacific Octopus or Wolf Eel year-round, but here they can find them all throughout the year. Winter brings about frequent encounters with Harbor Seals. This large body of water is also with well-preserved wrecks thus making diving an amazing experience.

Not To Be Missed Sunset Cruise Escapade

On board your yacht charter in the Pacific Northwest set out on a journey to take in the spectacular views of the most beautiful sights that set the perfect backdrop for the golden sunset. As the yacht sails over the azure water, experience the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest like you've never experienced. As the sky begins to change to shades of pink and orange, marvel at the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges in the distance along with your significant other. Later grab a glass of a freshly poured beverage to add more charm to this spectacular evening. Under the gaze of the stars, treat your taste buds with mouthwatering cuisine prepared by the professional chef on board. The sunset cruise is a must for all couples looking to spend time with their beloved.

With all these incredible options in your Seattle Itinerary, who needs Valentine’s Day as an excuse for a romantic getaway? The professional crew on board the private yacht charter in Pacific Northwest will make all suitable arrangements to take you for an amazing charter so you can both relax and enjoy the romance.




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