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How To Plan A Surprise Romantic Getaway In The Pacific Northwest

You don't need a particular month or specific day to surprise and spend the day with your significant other. That said, it is really sweet and validating to plan something special for your beloved onboard a private yacht charter in the Pacific Northwest. What about planning an escapade to Pacific Northwest while in Seattle? Indeed, a great way to make the day both memorable and enjoyable.

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Go ahead and plan a surprise romantic getaway for you and your Sweetie to Pacific Northwest today. It's easy. It's fun. Here are a few helpful hints. Go!

Reserve the Yacht As Soon As Possible –Make your reservation for a Yacht charter in the Pacific Northwest early to ensure that you get more than what you have been expecting. At Seattle Yacht Charters Daily, we are all about providing an experience for you that is second to none. Each of our yachts comes with catering from our culinary experts and an assortment of beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

An Enthralling Whale Watching Escapade – The surrounding waters of the Pacific Northwest offers travelers the opportunity to be part of the ever-enthralling whale watching escapade. In the San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest, you can spot the mottled grey whales. You might also catch a glimpse of Humpbacks, minkes and massive finbacks among an array of porpoises, dolphins, seals, and shorebirds. But, the magnificent orca or killer whale calls the Pacific Northwest their home all throughout the year.

Sunset Cruise – Not To Be Missed Activity – The sunset cruise is a must for all the couples looking to spend some secret and private time together. Onboard your yacht charter in the Pacific Northwest set out on a journey to take in the spectacular views of the most beautiful sights that set the perfect backdrop for a golden sunset. As the sky begins to change to shades of pink and orange, marvel at the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges in the distance along with your significant other.

Try A Scrumptious Dinner Under The Bright Star Light – After you have enjoyed the eye-captivating vistas of the golden sunset, as the yacht sails over the azure water, take in the panoramic vistas of the Pacific Northwest skyline illuminated by the bright lights. Later grab a glass of a freshly poured beverage to add more charm to this spectacular evening. Under the gaze of the stars, treat your taste buds with mouthwatering cuisine prepared by a professional onboard chef. You can also tap your feet to the tunes of your choice of music.

Rejuvenate and Relax By Taking A Massage – Why not indulge in a relaxing massage together, and feel the tensions melt away. Put a couple's massage on your getaway schedule. The massage room onboard is clean and comfortable with electric candles, relaxing music, and all the essential oils you could imagine.

Plan The Unexpected Hiking / Shopping – If you hate hiking and your partner is an avid outdoor sports enthusiast, plan a small but respectable hike together. If you hate shopping and your Sweetie loves browsing the little boutiques, go on a shopping spree in the eclectic markets together. Make yourself adjustable with what all activities she or he loves and admires. Explore the historical landmarks and learn about the golden past of the Pacific Northwest.

From the moment you step onboard your private yacht, you and your partner will be given surprises. Typical items include, but are not limited to champagne, roses, salted caramels, and a spa box.

With all these incredible options in your Seattle Itinerary, who needs to think again when choosing the Pacific Northwest for a romantic getaway? The professional crew onboard your private yacht charter in the Pacific Northwest will make all suitable arrangements to take you for a memorable romantic escapade that you will cherish until your next charter.




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