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A Weekend on the Olympic Coast of the Pacific Northwest

In Seattle, you have the chance to drive through a blizzard and end up on a sunny beach, see dozens of bald eagles fishing for their dinner, hike through the rainforest and retire to a private, cozy lakeside cabin all in a single weekend. Well, this is very much possible in Washington’s remote Olympic Peninsula.

Yacht Charter Pacific Northwest

Located just a few hours away from Seattle is a diverse landscape of temperate rainforests, coastal beaches and jagged mountains of the Olympic National Park and Olympic National Forest. Book your own private yacht charter in the Pacific Northwest well in advance to have a memorable visit to the Olympic Coast without facing any last minute hurdles.

Upon arrival at the Olympic Coast, you will find that no two miles of Olympic's Pacific coastline are alike. From beaches that might be sandy, rocky, or boulder-strewn to cliffs plunging into the sea, you'll find it somewhere along Olympic's 73 miles of coastline.

Mora Rialto Beach – At about an hour's drive west of Port Angeles, Mora is home to a beautiful campground. Rocky beaches, giant drift logs, pounding waves and views of offshore islands known as 'seastacks' are features that define Rialto Beach. Here you can enjoy self-guided nature trails and a ranger station that's open intermittently in the summer. Another two miles beyond Mora is rocky Rialto Beach on the Pacific Ocean. Picnic tables, restrooms and a trailhead are provided at Rialto Beach.

Kalaloch – Kalaloch is famous amongst travelers and locals alike for its wide sandy beaches. The coastal waters of Kalaloch is a safe haven for thousands of marine species. The marine environment and offshore islands are protected by three national wildlife refuges and Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. In this large nesting colony, bird enthusiasts can come across common murres and tufted puffins. Kalaloch is one of the most visited areas of Olympic National Park.

Lake Ozette Area – Although three miles from the Pacific, the Ozette area is a popular coastal access point. Ozette is home to both a small campground and a ranger station. Whether it's the tall sea stacks that dot the coast, the crystal waters of Lake Ozette or the grandeur of the old growth forests, the landscape of Ozette is full of opportunities to explore a diverse landscape. Lake Ozette is also a place of rich history. You can come across 50,000 artifacts at the Makah Cultural and Research Center.

Activities You Can Be Part of at the Olympic Coast

Catch And Release Fishing – The national park service strives to maintain park resources in a natural, unaltered condition. Catch and release fishing improves native fish populations by allowing more fish to remain and reproduce in the ecosystem. This practice provides an opportunity for increasing numbers of anglers to enjoy fishing and to successfully catch fish. Be sure to record history with a photograph.

Hiking – Day hikes of varying length and difficulty are found throughout the park. Some are universally accessible while others are more challenging. Carry food, water, raingear and extra layers of clothing while planning to go for a hike. Stay on trails to avoid injury to yourself and the park's vegetation.

It is recommended to not drink water directly from streams. Pets are not allowed on park trails or beaches. Do not throw the waste here and there, instead pack it all and dump it in the waste bin later.

Tidepool Activities – The most popular tidepools areas are located at Kalaloch's Beach 4 and Mora's Hole in the Wall. Plan a visit with your family and friends during summer and enjoy to your heart's content.

Second Beach, Third Beach, Ruby Beach and many other coastal locations are also excellent places to view intertidal life in the park. Algae and seaweed make the surface rocks extremely slippery. Use caution and test rocks before committing to stepping on new surfaces.

Include all these activities on your weekend trip to Olympic Coast and have a refreshing and rejuvenating weekday ahead. The best way to enjoy all places and participate in the activities in the Olympic Coast is by chartering your own private yacht in the Pacific Northwest. So don't wait! Book your yacht charter now!




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