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Seattle’s Sunset – The Best Places To Watch the Sun Go Down

Whether you want to spend some time with your significant other or wish to go for a romantic night out or just want to take in the eye captivating views of the Emerald City during sunset, there are many places to take in the mesmerizing views of the sunset. Whenever you need to add some beauty to your life, hop on a private sunset charter in Seattle and simply head to any one or all of the below-mentioned places or beaches. See if you can make out to all of these parks and beaches this summer. You’ll get a slightly different view at each site.

Sunset Charters Seattle

ALKI BEACH – Anywhere you stand on this beach, there are lots and lots of photo opportunities. This long stretch of sandy beach offers magnificent views of the nature ranging from glittering Seattle skyline to the Olympics. Take a leisurely stroll along the pedestrian path or pack a picnic and some sand toys. When the sun goes down, get back on your sunset charter, stand on the deck and treat your eyes to the views of orange and yellow color sky. Unlike a lot of spots in Seattle, there isn’t anything blocking your view. As the sun sets in the west, you get an undisturbed view of its colors.

SUNSET HILL PARK – As the name suggests, Sunset Hill Park is a must visit on your trip to Seattle to at least for once enjoy the sun’s colors as it disappears behind Olympic National Forest. This park is the best place to take in the eye soothing views of the mountains located in the proximity as they only add to the beauty of each sunset. All of the sailboats that populate the nearby water also add an interesting dimension to the scene. If you want a clear view of the Puget Isles and Olympic National Forest’s crags, this is the best spot in Seattle.

GOLDEN GARDENS – Golden Gardens Park is less than a mile north of Sunset Hill Park, so you get many of the same benefits by visiting this beach area. Along with perfect conditions for sand-castle building, Golden Gardens is home to wetlands and some great hiking trails. The view from the waterfront doesn’t include the crags quite as much as the view from Sunset Hill, but it’s still a fabulous place to watch the sunset. Plus, you still get to see how beautiful the sailboats look as the sun sets behind them.

KIRKLAND PARK MARINA – This East Side Marina Beach is a paradise for kids. You can see the little ones feeding ducks, watching boats and chucking rocks into the water. The beach is large enough to enjoy but small enough not to have to spend your day or evening chasing toddlers. A grassy lawn and covered cabana set the scene for a sunset picnic, and if you didn’t have time to whip up sandwiches, grab some traditional Mexican snacks from nearby and treat your taste buds with finger licking desserts too.

DISCOVERY PARK – Discovery Park’s is one of the most popular attractions amongst the naturalists in the Seattle area. The park sits on Magnolia Bluff, thereby offering the visitors the stunning views of the Olympic Mountains and the Cascade Mountains. If you’ve only visited the park during the daytime, then you haven’t seen the views in their full glory. The setting sun coats them in myriad colors that will change the way you think about Washington’s beauty. While visiting Discovery Park, also explore the sea cliffs, sand dunes, and forest groves. They’re all a part of the experience. Standing on a cliff is one of the most mesmerizing ways to see the sunset.

Sunset charter in Seattle is a great way to experience the beautiful blue waters of Lake Washington as well as enjoy the beautiful sunset over the Seattle coastline. When the sun sets on the waters around Seattle, there is nothing more amazing than heading out to celebrate any occasion amidst the breathtaking beauty of nature.




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