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Seattle Boat Travel Tips: 5 Things that Define the Emerald City

With a stunning coastal setting, thriving food-and-drink scene, iconic landmarks and eclectic neighborhoods, Seattle is a dynamic urban enclave nestled in the heart of Puget Sound. Bounded by Lake Washington on the east and Puget Sound to the west, you'll be in awe of the natural beauty and outdoor recreations available in the Emerald city during your boat rental trip. The Seattle city promises top attractions such as the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, artsy museums, amazing skyline filled with skyscrapers, offbeat neighborhoods, public murals and sculptures, and gorgeous lakes. Besides the vibrant environment and immersive culture, the Washington city has unique characteristics that define it perfectly. From culinary scene, handcrafted wine, and salmon varieties, you must experience the 5 topics below that define Seattle during your Seattle boat rentals trip.

Seattle Boat Travel

1. Craft Beer and Wine Town

If you're a beer lover, you'll find the finest craft beer and handcrafted wine in Seattle. Its established breweries continue to innovate beer varieties to enable visitors a taste of the classic sours, imperial stouts or barrel-aged cult favorites, while a newer generation of breweries have come up with customized beers. From Rainier beer to Redhook, brewers create amazing beers that are hard to find elsewhere. This crafty beer-crazy city hosts various wine and beer festivals to celebrate this unique region's beer heritage. Woodinville, located about 30 minutes outside of Seattle, is the hotbed of all winemaking activity. Seattle wineries produce fine wines, and they also host all kinds of outside events for showcasing wine varieties and tastings during the weekends.

Craft Beer and Wine Town - Seattle Yacht Charters Daily

2. Coffee Culture

Seattle isn’t just a wine or craft beer town, it’s also home to the decades old coffee club. With 2.5 coffee shops for every 1,000 citizens, Seattle has the greatest concentration of coffee houses in the country, making this city the world's coffee capital. From more quirky and unique indie coffeehouses to bustling book-filled buzzing coffee clubs, Seattle is the best city for coffee lovers.

Coffee Culture - Seattle Yacht Charters Daily

3. Salmon Varieties for Fishing

Anglers can make plans to head out to Seattle for salmon fishing as the water surrounding the Emerald city is rich in salmon and other fish varieties. The nearshore region of Puget Sound including shallow saltwater, estuaries, beaches, and bluffs are important migratory path for salmon. You can expect to fish salmon varieties such as coho, pink salmon, chum, sockeye, and chinook salmon. If fishing is not in your plan and still want to taste salmon, visit the Pike Place Market – Seattle's oldest and finest fish market. You'll find fresh and smoked salmon, all at great prices, at this well established and iconic marketplace.

Salmon Varieties for Fishing - Seattle Yacht Charters Daily

4. Cream Cheese Hot Dogs

If New York is famous for deli mustard and Chicago for their pickle spear, then Seattle is popular for its cream cheese, often served with hot dogs. A Seattle style-hot dog topped with cream cheese has become popular among Seattleites and visitors too. Cream Cheese is the main driving force behind the Seattle's signature hot dog as it increases the richness of this great American food.

Cream Cheese Hot Dogs - Seattle Yacht Charters Daily

5. Vibrant Music Scene

Seattle's music scene is still as vibrant as ever. From legends such as Kurt Cobain & Jimi Hendrix to upcoming artists, music is ingrained in the Seattle culture. Grunge – a subgenre of alternative rock – emerged in this city in the mid-1980s. While Seattle's legacy may be grunge, the city's live music venues leave no musical stone unturned. Everyone enjoys the opportunity to attend the famous music festivals of Seattle such as Bumbershoot and live concerts held in various clubs around the city.

Vibrant Music Scene - Seattle Yacht Charters Daily

If there's one city in America that's constantly ahead of the game when it comes to food, drink, music and fishing areas, it's only Seattle! This Pacific Northwest destination is the entertainment, culinary, and music-culture haven. Come to this city on your Seattle boat rentals trip and experience the true Emerald city!




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