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The first thing that clicks in the mind of people when asked about fly fishing is probably the same. They might picture a person in waters in a river or stream, placidly flicking their line back and forth. This does not mean that fly fishing is only limited to moving bodies of fresh water. Saltwater fly fishing is similar to freshwater fly fishing, however, the prey can be bigger and the result more rewarding.

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Surrounding Seattle, fly fishing is a year around endeavor dramatically changing with every season. Puget Sound provides 365 days of saltwater fishing opportunities for catching native sea-run cutthroat as well as Coho, pink and Chum salmon during the summer and fall months. To experience the same, the fishing charters in Seattle are always in demand for all those who want to see world famous steelhead rivers, saltwater, lakes and stunning small streams for native cutthroat and rainbow trout. Here's a beginners guide to salt water fly fishing in Seattle.


Fly fishing is different from standard fishing in a way that it requires a lot of motion, work than traditional fishing, but also very rewarding. When people do normal fishing, they cast their line once in a while and then allow it to sit. They wait patiently to catch their lure. But in fly fishing a synthetic lure, called a fly, is cast far from the fisher and then allowed to float, sink, or be slowly drawn back in toward the fisher, depending on the water type, fish type, and style preferred by the individual fishing.


• YAKIMA & CLE ELUM RIVERS – Located an hour and a half from Seattle, both rivers offer a wide variety of fly fishing opportunities throughout the year. It can at times offer some great dry fly fishing for wild rainbows and in the upper reaches native Westslope Cutthroat.
• PUGET SOUND – Puget Sound is Washington’s most expansive and diverse fishery with well over 1500 miles of shoreline to explore. These freshwater resources are spawning grounds for a large population of cutthroat trout and sea-run cutthroats.
• MOUNTAIN STREAMS – These small and often lesser known streams, dotted around the Cascade and Olympic Mountain ranges, are the paradise for fly anglers, particularly those looking for Coastal Cutthroat, Native Westslope and Rainbow Trout.
• STEELHEAD – The wild Steelhead is Seattle's state fish. Globally known for its size, these fish are spread far and wide through the state. As a fly angler begins to look around this beautiful state, he/she can come across amazing steelhead rivers in every corner of it.


Hop on a fishing charter in Seattle and participate in these activities along with fishing to make your vacations memorable:

• RED HOOK BREWERY – The Pacific Northwest is home to micro-brew, and Red Hook is one of the originals located in elegant setting just a short drive north of downtown Seattle. Even after 35 years, Seattle’s Original Craft Brewery is still brewing fresh, innovative craft beers for the new generations of beer lovers.
• MUSEUM OF FLIGHT – The Museum of Flight is the largest independent, non-profit air and space museum in the world. With over 175 aircraft and spacecraft, tens of thousands of artifacts, millions of rare photographs, the dozen of exhibits and experiences and a world-class library, the Museum bring mankind's incredible history of flight to life.

Seattle Yacht Charters Daily has a wide range of full day and half day fly fishing trips aboard private luxurious fishing charter in Seattle. Fishing is a fun, relaxing and challenging experience, especially for those who enjoy sea activities. It is thought to be the ideal outdoor adventure for first timers. For those enthusiasts who feel the need to drop a line in the water, plan your next vacations to Seattle. From first time fisherman to avid anglers, your fishing experience in Seattle and surrounding waters will become a trip to remember the lifetime.




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