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Unique Things to Do in the Emerald City This Birthday

I have been living in Seattle for many years and one thing that I can tell you is that there are certain things about the Emerald City that make it alluring to residents and tourists alike. Seattle is Nature's playground!!

Birthday Charters Seattle

I hosted my last birthday on board a private birthday charter in Seattle with some of my best peers.  On a sunny day, Seattle is without a doubt one of the best natural beauties of the world. My adventurer friends and outdoorsy types everything Seattle has to offer. Below is a list that contains some of my favorite and unique things to do in Seattle that you can be included on your birthday charter. A normal charter will take you from coast to city and mountains to forests along the way.  You’ll also learn why so many people plan their visit to this veritable paradise.

SHELL FISHING – One of the much-admired activities that the whole group of mine wanted to be part of was Shell Fishing. There are dozens of great beaches across the Puget Sound and Washington coasts where shell fishing is not only abundant but practically a way of life for the locals. Plus, it’s easy for newbies to learn how to shell fish. You can easily find oysters, clams of all kinds including Razer, long neck, butter, and the elusive Pacific Northwest geoduck.

However, before heading out, you will be required to cover three bases — check with the Department of Fish and Wildlife for regulations and to find out which beaches are currently open for fishing, get the proper supplies, and purchase a license.

CRABBING – Generally, crabs are considered a type of shell fish, however in Seattle crabbing has been defined in its own category. A cherished hobby for many locals, crabbing for the Dungeness and Red Rock crabs is actually quite easy and inexpensive. All you require is a special crab license in addition to the normal fishing license. Your birthday charter in Seattle will provide you with a large bucket, a crab ring or trap and bait.

If you’re lucky, you might end up having a good catch, but half the fun is pulling up the ring and wrestling with the baby crabs that you have to send back. Crabs go crazy for fresh or even slightly smelly raw chicken, so carry with yourself a pack of drumsticks to use as bait.

PIKE PLACE MARKET – Shopping at Pike Place Market of Seattle is a truly unique experience. Located directly on the waterfront in downtown Seattle, it offers stunning views of the overlooking Elliot Bay. While taking a leisurely stroll in the market, you can shop for antiques, tea, spice, comic books and even collectables. Don't forget to check out the flying fish at Pike Place Fish Market, where employees often throw enormous salmon across the room to each other while hordes of onlookers watch with excitement.

VISIT A RAINFOREST – Very few people are aware of the fact that Seattle is home to a rainforest. This rainforest is touted as one of the finest remaining examples of a temperate rain forest in the United States. And there are dozens of things to do there, from hiking and biking to wildlife watching, camping and picnicking. There is a dedicated campground with 88 sites located right along the river.

RIDING THE BIRTHDAY CHARTERS – Even the locals agree that sailing on the crystal clear waters on board luxurious birthday charters in Seattle is one of the most enticing activities in the city. With your friends, sail from Seattle to Bainbridge (35 min) or Bremerton (1 hr), just for the fun of it. You’ll catch an impressive view of the Seattle skyline from the vessel as you sail away. Enjoy the crisp sea air as you coast past sailboats and cruise ships, all backed by the snow-capped Cascade mountain range looming in the background. Often, on nice weather days, you can even see Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker from the deck. Both Bainbridge and Bremerton have fun activities to enjoy once you reach there.

Do your friends have any other favorite activity that they would like to try their hand in the Emerald City? Tell us about it in the comments. We would love to hear what other people love to do in the beautiful outdoors of Seattle. We love hanging out in Seattle and there are dozens of fun things to do there. What are your favorite things to do?