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What Role Does the Yacht Crew Play in Your Charter Vacation?

It has been found that majority of people focus more on selecting their vacation destination and the amenities available in their chartered yacht. But what can really make or break a luxury yacht charter vacation is the crew on board. The crew has an important role to play in making your vacation an experience of a lifetime. Three things – perfect destination, a luxury yacht and great professional crew – are the pillars of a great vacation escapade! Chartering a crewed yacht gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy your vacation, party or special celebration in unparalleled comfort and luxury, without having to bare the burden of navigation, catering, entertainment or other services.

What qualities should you look for in your yacht crew?
On a crewed yacht charter, privacy and comfort are two most important factors to consider. Depending upon the size of the yacht, a crewed charter is catered by a captain, deckhand, steward/stewardess, chef and crew cook. You’ll want a crew that are tactful professionals and understand that their role is to enhance the enjoyment of your vacation. They must be enthusiastic, energetic, skilled sailors, and make sure you are getting the most out of your excursion.

Luxury Yacht Rentals in Seattle

What a crew’s role in your yacht charter?
• A crew is responsible for cleaning, preparing, and stocking all ingredients that you need during you sailing adventure prior to your arrival.
• They help you plan the itinerary, prepare gourmet cuisine for you and your guests and provide you with everything you need. In short, they handle all aspects of the yacht.
• From helping you plan special celebration meals to taking you to the pristine remote beaches, your crew can help you create an unforgettable yacht charter vacation tailor made to you.
• The crew allows you to simply focus on relaxing and explore the gorgeous waters, serene surroundings and scenic views.

If you want to explore the most spectacular destinations of Pacific Northwest waters in the most ultimate style, then charter a crewed luxury yacht from Seattle Yacht Charters Daily. Our custom luxury yacht charters are a virtual floating five-star hotel equipped with all modern amenities and great staff. Once you decide which area you wish to cruise and in what type of yacht, we will find the right crew to match your expectations. Then, all you need to do is ENJOY your vacation time!




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