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What Do Travelers Love and Crave About Seattle, the Most?

Popularly known as the Emerald City, Seattle is popular for its hipster vibe, tech-savvy community and eye-captivating natural vistas. With pristine landscapes surrounding it, it’s easy to see why so many people visit Seattle each year. Add on is the great shopping experience, trendy restaurants, water sports to be enjoyed aboard a Seattle boat rental and not to be missed vibrant artistic culture. Plan your next staycation in Seattle, and you’ll understand why Seattle draws people from all over the world.

Seattle Boat Rentals

Seattle has the Best Farmer's Market – The Pike Place Market is Seattle’s No. 1 year-round tourist destination. 200 vendors, farmers, and specialty shops sell paintings, fresh flowers, fish, and pyjamas. It is the perfect place for shopaholics! Swarming with shoppers, the bustling market is home to countless galleries, shops and cafes. Although this place can be crowded on the weekends, once you get to know your way around, it’s easy to navigate the crowds and make it in and out quickly. No trip to Seattle is complete without experiencing Pike Place. On the flip side, you can sample some delicacies and listen to the enthralling tales of Seattle's diverse community shared by the vendors.

Seattle is Home to Jaw Dropping Landscapes – No major island in the Pacific Northwest is as blessed with bountiful natural beauty as Seattle. Seattle is blessed with breathtaking views of the Cascade Mountain Range on one side and Puget Sound on the other. Seattle is home to the fourth tallest mountain in the Continental United States, which is also an active volcano – Mount Rainier. There are very few cities in America that offer such picturesque vistas of an active volcano from downtown! Seattle is also home to many beautiful hikes, lakes and waterfalls. One of the most popular things to do in Seattle is to take day trips to the attractive getaways.

Seattle is Dotted with a Myriad of Coffee Shops – In Seattle, everyone, be it tourists or locals, like to sip coffee. That is why the Emerald City is known as the official coffee capital of the U.S. You can take your pick from any number of coffee houses in and around the city. Just ask any of the locals and they will tell you to have a cup of coffee at Analog Coffee or Zeitgeist Coffee as they are one of the most admired coffee shops. No trip to Seattle is said to be complete if you haven't tasted the coffee. You can also amp up your coffee knowledge by picking up tips from skilled baristas who love to talk about their favorite brew. Grab a quick cup and inhale the aroma which will take you to another world.

Seattle 's Whale Sightings are Super Casual – Myriad of whales cruise through the azure waters of Seattle’s Puget Sound thus making this region one of the best places to see, breach, splash and play with orca, minke, gray and humpback whales in their natural habitat. The azure waters surrounding Seattle is home to a variety of wildlife from all shapes and sizes. Puget Sound also happens to be the best place to see Orca Whales in the United States. Hop on your own private Seattle boat rental and witness the sheer size and beauty of these incredible creatures in their natural habitat. This occasion can only be expressed as, like no other. Seattle Yacht Charters Daily makes it possible to observe these magnificent mammals.

Seattle Restaurants serve Finger-licking Cuisines – Seattle is a paradise for food enthusiasts. You will find the scrumptious food at creative local joints instead of top-end restaurants. It may not be fancy, but it’s often homemade, mouthwatering and fingerlicious. Try the fresh fruits at Pike Market or the Piroshkies or butter paneer pizzas – Seattle has everything to satiate your taste buds.

How to Get Around Seattle

Seattle is easy to navigate with a wide variety of transportation options. You can choose your favorite mode of transportation such as the bus service, monorail and Seattle Streetcar. Most of the attractions in the above Seattle attractions are located in and around downtown. You can enjoy the water sports activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, whale watching on board your own private Seattle boat rental. It would be a good idea to book your boat rental in advance with Seattle Yacht Charters Daily to avoid last minute rush.




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