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Activities Not To Be Missed in Seattle during your Corporate Event

Considered to be one of the promising ways to get company members motivated and excited about the business once again is a Company Retreat. It's also a golden chance for the employees to get to know each other better on a higher level while enjoying some quality time together. Many companies choose “the Emerald City” as a corporate retreat destination. To make the best out of it, plan to get a whole new perspective of your Seattle visit with corporate yacht charters in Seattle for your next corporate event. For all those who love adventure travel, Seattle is one of the best places on the planet to visit during any of the four seasons.

Corporate Yacht Charters Seattle

Nothing is more memorable and impressive than an event held on a private corporate yacht, complete with attentive crew, 5-star catering, and complete event facilities. When the annual parties are held at such an exclusive venue, staff feels truly rewarded! If you have an upcoming corporate event, trade show or awards trip, Seattle is the perfect place to be and below are enlisted the activities not to be missed:

SKY VIEW OBSERVATORY – Sky view observatory offers incredible panoramic views of the beautiful Emerald City. From the 73rd floor you can also take in the eye captivating vistas of the Cascade and Olympic Mountains, as well as Mt. Rainier. At 902 feet high, the observatory is the highest public viewing space on the West Coast.

WOODLAND PARK ZOO – Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo – one of the premier zoos in the country is known worldwide for its naturalistic animal exhibits that mimic habitats from around the planet. From the steamy rainforests of Asia to the coastal deserts of South America, the zoo provides spacious habitats for nearly 1,000 animals from nearly 300 species.

PIKE PLACE MARKET – Pike Place Market has been the heart of Seattle for more than a hundred years. Overlooking Elliott Bay and occupying more than nine acres of space, the market is the place where the city and the country collide. You can come to the market to buy fresh fish, produce and other specialty items. You can also take a leisurely stroll around and enjoy all the colors, smells, and flavors of Seattle.

BREWERY TOURS – One activity that should not be missed while visiting Seattle. One of America’s beer capitals, and trying to sample absolutely everything the city has to offer is something else entirely. Out of about 25 Seattle beer breweries, you will visit some of the most interesting and innovative such as Fremont Brewing, and some of the oldest like Hale’s Ales.

WHALE WATCHING – Seattle is considered as the best whale watching destination in the Pacific Northwest. In the Puget sound area surrounding the Seattle, you can spot the mottled gray whales. You can also look for Humpbacks, minkes and massive finbacks among an array of porpoises, dolphins, seals, sea lions, otters, and shorebirds.

FISHING – If you and your family are fishing enthusiasts, you’ll find a number of fantastic fishing spots just a short drive from downtown Seattle. You can expect to catch fish species such as largemouth and smallmouth bass, rainbow and brown trout, carp, catfish, largemouth bass, sucker fish, quid, Dungeness crab, salmon, rockfish, lingcod, halibut, sturgeon and many more.

HIKING – Lush forests, pristine alpine lakes, jagged peaks, and water in almost every direction makes Seattle an incredible city. Many hiking trails and scenic spots surrounding the city include Discovery Park Loop – famous for the spectacular scenery, Rattlesnake Ledge – provides a short hike that will get your blood pumping fast, and Wallace Falls.

WILDLIFE ENCOUNTER – Seattle is home to a significant number of wildlife species and it is arguably home to the most diverse species of wildlife, from green herons and grizzly bears to orcas and trumpeter swans. Fall is a wonderful time to encounter wildlife because it’s not too hot. If you happen to visit in the fall season, look for these and many more wildlife creatures. However, it is recommended go wildlife watching early or at dusk, when animals are the most active.

While hosting the company retreat in the Emerald city, be sure to treat your employee’s to seeing the city in a whole different way. Book one of the most luxurious corporate yacht charters in Seattle well in advance to have the experience to cherish for a lifetime.